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With the greatest respect to the history and architecture of Argolida and the City Nafplio, Salesiotis Architects have undertaken an effort to be worthy.  Our office, assembles every necessary engineering specialty in-house, and can respond to every need and scenario.

Argolida Photo Gallery

The Colossus of Maroussi

Silence - century upon century of silence, during which the earth puts on a coat of soft green. A mysterious race out of nowhere swoops down upon the country of Argolis. Mysterious only because men have forgotten the sight of the gods. The gods are returning, in full panoply, man-like, making use of the horse, the buckler, the javelin, carving precious jewels, smelting ores, blowing fresh vivid images of war and love on bright dagger blades. The gods stride forth over the sunlit swards, full-statured, fearless, the gaze frighteningly candid and open. A world of light is born. Man looks at man with new eyes. He is awed, smitten by his own gleaming image reflected everywhere. It goes on thus, century upon century swallowed like cough drops, a poem...

Henry Miller

  • The office of studies-designs- constructions and real estate was founded by Tasos I. Salesiotis in 1979, Architect and Civil Engineer. Tasos I. Salesiotis was born in 1951 in Lefkakia, Nafplio of the District (Prefecture) of Argolis.

    He received his architect’s degree from the National Polytechnic Institute of Athens and his civil engineering degree from the Technical Institute of Athens. He is well known in his region for his direct involvement and positive impact in regional scientific projects and political life. He has served as elected District Governor of Argolis. Prior to that he served in the following capacities: Member of the Committee on Architectural Oversight of the Civic Construction Authority, of the Architects’ Committee of the City of Nafplion, of the Executive Board of the Engineers’ Guild of Argolis, of the Secretariat of the Technical Institute of Argolis. Special Advisor of the District Governor on technical matters, Elected Councilman in the District of Argolis, in the Regional Council of the Districts of Peloponesos, President of the District of Argolis Committee on Tourism, President of the Nafplio Port Authority Treasury, Founding member of Cultural Club of Lefkakia, member of the Executive Board of the Nafplio War Museum, President of the Gymnastics Union of Argolis, Honorary member of the Hellenic Institute of Applied Paedagogy and Education

    His rigorous academic scientific training in combination with his vast experience in the applied field of construction are the quintessential guarantee for the scientific quality and aesthetic completeness of our projects.

Nafplio Office, Hellas 

+ 30-27520-22560

Sidiras Merarchias 27
21100 Nafplio

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